A. M. Burrage was a British writer. He was born on 1889 as Alfred McLelland Burrage. As an author, he was notable for his work on various fiction stories for boys which he published under the pseudonym (pen name) “Frank Lelland” (this included a popular series entitled “Tufty”).

Burrage served during World War One (July 28, 1914 - November 11, 1918). During his service in the army, he published a memoir of his experiences in the battlefield entitled “War Is War” under the pen name “Ex-Private X”. This memoir of Burrage eventually became a best-seller.

A. M. Burrage also wrote a comedy novel. It was entitled “Poor Dear Esme” and was published in the year 1925. Jack Adrian described “Poor Dear Esme” as a certified comic classic, and the book itself was often reprinted.

These days, Burrage is remembered mainly for his horror fiction stories. His work was primarily collected in the books entitled “Someone in the Room” (published in 1931 under the pseudonym “Ex-Private X”, and “Some Ghost Stories” (published in 1927). These have been reprinted by Ash-Tree Press, a Canadian publishing company that issues supernatural and horror literature.

Burrage’s writings were described by Bleiler as “intelligent, imaginative, and well-crafted”, referring to his books “Some Ghost Stories” and “Someone in the Room”. Richard Neil Barron, an American science fiction bibliographer and scholar, described his underrated short stories as deft and subtle that bring with them a number of disturbing, posthomus fantasies. Alfred McLelland Burrage’s bibliography include the following:

  • Poor Dear Esme (published 1925)
  • Some Ghost Stories (published 1927)
  • Someone in the Room (published 1931)
  • Seeker to the Dead (published 1942)
  • Don't Break the Seal (published 1946)
  • Between the Minute and the Hour (published 1967)